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Pour aller de l'Avant

About me & my Coaching

I am an open minded, creative and loving person.


My purpose is to accompany you in knowing yourself better, helping you to understand, to accept, to evolve, to love.

The Holistic Coaching is an approach that pays attention to 4 human dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

With this holistic perspective and a very Intuitive Listening process, we will allow your Inner Self to express and be heard with respect.


Throughout the coaching sessions, you will understand aspects of your behaviour and your ways of thinking, and this will bring awareness and control to your life. 

Gardener's Tools


Individual Coaching

Sessions 1-1 (live & online)

Group Coaching

2-5 people (live & online)

Resilience Workshops

2-6 hour workshops for individuals and working teams (live & online)

About the Workshops

I have been working in the last 2 years with Career coach Annabelle Laurent.

Together, we have one purpose:

To allow people, teams and companies to develop and thrive through our workshops.

Through our workshops, we allow employees to express feelings and worries, wishes and dreams and we help them taking the first steps.

We talk about Resilience and Emotions

about Team Work and Communication

about Thriving at life and work.

And we are also open to design a workshop for you, specially for your team needs.

Do you want to know more?

Image by Kvalifik

Coaching can help you develop:


Your better self

Going deeper and farther to unfold the better version of yourself.

Overcoming the difficulties you encounter in life.

Your relationships,
Your couple

Becoming aware of the subtle aspects that influence your communication with others.
Reconnecting with your partner/others.

Your professional satisfaction

Understanding your values and your strengths. 


Dealing with stressful situations and developing resilience.

Your projects

Going forward with your projects, clarifying your needs, choosing paths.

Discovering what you really want!

 Contact me 

Individual Coaching 

Group Coaching

Workshops for Companies

Vika, 0270 Oslo

+47 453 99 110

You will get my answer very soon!

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